There has been a procedural change that will affect all VTCT on-screen assessments. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the highest security and integrity of our on-screen assessments, VTCT is implementing a new, auto-generated password for learners. This new password process is effective 7th May 2019.
Learner login details are available on the attendance and/or learner login sheets, which can be viewed/printed from the Linx2Achieve system by centre users. If you printed your attendance and/or learner login sheets prior to the 7th May 2019 you will need to print/view them again.
If you offer Performance Table Qualifications, please visit for important regulatory updates.

Need some help? Watch the guide to creating a practical exam booking here.

Please log into Linx2 Please log into Linx2 Please log into Linx2
Please log into Linx2 Please log into Linx2 Please log into Linx2
Need some help?

Before you can log into any of the specific Linx2 systems, Linx2Achieve for example, you are first required to log into Linx2. Your Linx2 login is not necassarily the same as your specific system login.

Access to general information is available to all centre staff, e.g. tutors, assessors, IQAs. Simply type in your centre number as the username/password and away you go! If you need clarification of this number please contact Customer Support

VTCT registered exams officers and other authorised individuals who require a login for access to restricted information. e.g. exam papers, scheduling online tests, need to email to request a secure login. Please make sure you provide your centre name, centre number and your job title in the e-mail.

VTCT reserves the right to restrict access to some areas of this website to named, authorised users, who have been allocated a secure password. This is generally, but not exclusively, restricted to individuals who are registered as "exams officers" for their particular centre.